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June 9, 2014:
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Oxytocin associated with fidelity and faithfulness in tests. Every day more research and evidence based medicine indicates that Oxytocin Sprays may help with closeness and with behavior, empathy, and confidence in cases where people have trouble relating to others.

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Studies with Autism and Asperger's Patients Using Nasal Spray With Oxytocin and Oxytocin misting sprays. Also known as Cuddle Spray in countries like the UK

Oxytocin Spray Builds TrustOxytocin spray has been used for years by people who want to improve confidence in themselves or feel more closeness with others. Most often associated with pregnancy and childbirth, Oxytocin has been available as a supplement and is used for trust enhancement. New studies (February 2010) in several media outlets indicate that oxytocin spray may also help children with autism and people who are suffering from Asperger's syndrome. The use of an oxytocin nasal spray in high functioning autism cases appeared to help people function with others with less difficulty. Studies of children with autism show lower oxytocin levels, so an increase in oxytocin levels may improve functioning.

OxytocinA 2013 New York Times story shows the power of Oxytocin in children with Autism. Scientists are looking to see if the hormone can improve social behavior, and thanks to some functional MRI results there are encouraging signs that the condition may be treatable. Although oxytocin is not approved for prescription to treat autism, parents have been using lower dose treatments from OTC sources. The article quotes experts as saying to wait for more study results, but obviously many parents would not want to wait if they believe that a child's behavior could be improved through supplemental use. Some of the unwanted side effects could in fact include "clannish and competitve feelings" which is not further defined. As an inhalant (which is pretty much what this website is about) the hormone is seen to improve brain activity related to social connections. Another downside to the study (which may be an upside for many on the spectrum) is that less-affected people may get better results than those with severe autism. What does this mean? For starters, it would seem to show that people who may be mildly autistic have a shot at feeling more "normal" and interacting better with their peers.

You don't need to have autism to try supplements containing oxytocin. As a supplement, it is sold through several websites and is often sold in a spray format. Oxytocin spray is sold both as a nasal spray and a pump spray you can use on your clothing, or in your mouth, so you don't necessarily have to use in nasally.

PheromaxWhy do people use oxytocin spray? At first, it was thought to be used to bond between adoptive mothers and their children, who were often newborns, but it was found that oxytocin also improved confidence and made people feel more dynamic. Shy men might use oxytocin sprays to make themselves more appealing to their dates, and most often the spray improves the confidence of the man as opposed to his potential paramour, since by spraying it on himself he will get the biggest dose. People often use oxytocin spray before going into job interviews, meeting in-laws, and even getting into social situations (like holiday parties or weddings) in order to have an extra edge among a group of people. Whether the confidence building aspects of oxytocin are real or part of a placebo effect, the results are still quite amazing, and people who try oxytocin just to see if it works often end up buying it as a permananent accessory, even when they have achieved their great relationship or perfect job. Some of today's top salespeople also use oxytocin in order to make a bond between themseleves and their prospects, and it has been shown in studies that somewhat mediocre performers may get a boost out of the oxytocin hormone spray. For those who feel that the passion may have gone out of their relationship, the moniker of "cuddle spray" is generally used to explain how oxytocin puts the magic back into what was formerly a humdrum couple.

As of June 2014, new research shows that your dog will like you better if you use the spray. Indications that use "promotes friendliness" was a surprise to the NAS, which also noted that it may be useful in cats as well, but don't hold your breath with the Grumpy Cat. The thought is that it may be helpful for bonding between any number of mammalian species, though it may be a stretch to befriend dolphins given that the stuff could wash off. The discovery that dogs were more affirmative after exposure to oxytocin shows promise in helping us all reach that state of transcendence with our animal friends.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Nothing on this site should be construed as medical advice. If you believe that you child (or anyone else) has autism spectrum disorder or Asperger's syndrome, you should get the opinion of one or more medical professionals, especially since it is diagnosed more often in areas where there are treatment centers.