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February 21, 2011:
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How the Oxytocin Hormone improves trust and closeness

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Because the oxytocin (AKA pitocin) hormone increases bonding, trust, and closeness in situations like childbirth and new love, it can be used to stimulate similar close feelings and self confidence in other situations for people who may have social anxiety disorder or who may have difficulty bonding with friends, co-workers, and even intimate partners. The use of oxytocin as a topical spray and nasal spray has been shown in studies to help autistic people in social situations, and likewise can be used to help people bond on first dates.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Oxytocin and Patocin supplements should always be used carefully because of the intense emotions that can be created with these hormones. As a worst case scenario, imagine if you used it and someone liked you a little too much.